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Guild Artists What and How?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022 (version 2)

👉 is a social marketplace for artists, curated and owned by everyone involved: A safe haven from bullies and corporate negligence. 🤟

Guild Artists Artboards 📌

Artboards are the bread and butter of guild art. It's a recursive grid layout system that forms a rectangle of any size.

Within this large rectangle, artists can place any type of media or widgets, such as images, text, buttons to purchase an item, polls, or even portals that take you to other artboards!

This is a portal. Travel across dimensions! 🚀
Any artboard can portal to another! 🌀

Guild Artists Widgets 🐎

Widgets are the workhorses of

They allow people to directly interact with artboards and alter the course of the future! Here are some very general examples of what widget functionality could look like in the future.

Artists can add a contact widget to their main page:

Commission me below. Closing in 24 hours!

Notification method

Artists can list the comissions they are working on. Some can even be portals to another artboard showcasing wip/finished work!


Artists can even host croudsourced charity events!

Save The Bees charity event

All proceeds go to saving nature's cutest pollinators! 🐝

$420 Raised!
$80 left to go!

Shop from participating artists:

(A terrible) Bee drawing from Marc $2

Bee drawing from Agnes $30

Inspirational Bee Quotes from Drew $5

Yeah, we doin this again cuz its fun 🎉

Guild Artists Studios 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Studios are shared spaces where one or more artists can create new artboards, widgets and (most importantly) share their artwork!

These are explained in depth in a later section.

Topics 📚

Topics are exactly like studios, except they can't raise or earn money (this might change in the future). These are intended as a place to share artwork from several different related artists.

Discovery Board 🌍

When someone visits the website, the first thing they see is the Discovery Board: An absolutely huge artboard and access hub.

The discovery board is intended as an access hub to individual and smaller artist communities within the marketplace.

We'll let the community approve and organize events to promote different artists, social causes, or anything else you'd like on our board as long as it respects community guidelines! 😄

I'm not getting over this 🙃

Guild Artists Social Media for People 👋

Artboards are not static 🐴, they grow, morph and change over time! 🦄

These changes are a medium of communication: Followers subscribe to galleries, and are notified of edits in live feeds! 📢

Here's an example of how it might work:

Let's just say you really like Marc's (my) art, (as implausible as that is) so you subscribe to his main artboard

1. Marc creates a new artboard called "WIP," and places it on his main artboard (using a portal).

2. Marc adds a new teaser image to "WIP"

3. Marc removes teaser image, adds finished artwork and renames "WIP" to "Drawing"

Artists always stay in control of what updates gets seen by subscribers.

New "WIP" by Marc 9 AM

Working on something secret!

"WIP" Updated 1 PM

I had a delicious lunch! Here's a sneak peek of my art! 🙈

New "Drawing" by Marc 5 PM

Ahhh! It's finally finished!

💬 Comic artists: Keep all your comic pages in one place, and your subscribers will see when you add a new page.

👩‍🎨 Painters: Share your WIPs as they morph into something completed!

💰 Sellers: Share reviews of your work alongside your art.

🔞 Saucy artists: Share your naughty artworks in artboards separate from your other work. Subscribers can choose what kind of art they want to see.

👽 Niche art communities: Share the work of hundreds of different artists in self-moderated "Topic" artboards.

...This list goes on forever, doesn't it?

Guild Artists Keeping Artists Safe 🦺

Artist are encouraged to report any violation - whether it's someone being mean - someone doing something illegal - or anything inbetween. We'll take care of it as a community! 💪

We require a small, yearly access fee of $5 in order for users to interact with our artists. This pays for the costs of running the site and helps us identify users in order to enforce the community rules (more specifics later). 🤠

If a user is found to be purposefully breaking our rules, their account will be banned and they will lose access to the marketplace. 👿 Circumventing this ban is made very difficult on purpose, to keep our community safe.

Transparency means not just telling, but also showing. The code that runs the website is open source (within the community). You don't need to believe me when I say our system is built a certain way, you can see it for yourself! 🤓

Guild Artists Sell Your Wares 💵

Yes you can sell stuff on our marketplace! But why would you want to?

Users are not our customers; Artists are. We did the math, and we plan to take a $1.50 fee from each transaction (1.5 USD pays for data storage needs over 10 years).


  1. You sell one or more items for $100 or even $5000
  2. Your customer pays for the items + taxes + transaction fees
  3. You get your exact sell price, and we get $1.50. This is unheard of in the industry.

Why do we take such a small cut? Because users are not our customers. Artists are.

Guild Artists Sustainable Business Model 🌳 is a radical shift from the traditional business model of taking a large cut of seller profits.

These traditional business models have historically punished sellers who fall victim to fraud and abuse!

Instead, we treat artists as our customers. Since we don't take middleman fees on purchases, artists are our primary source of income, and we work with them to satisfy their customers.

In fact, to pay our programmers, moderators and other employees, we rely on croudsourced funding from our artists! Without this funding, development of the website will slow down and it will take longer for us to add new features.

To pay for hosting, security services, servers, media storage costs and data bandwidth, we rely on the $5 annual user access fee as well as the $1.50 transaction fee

I'm not in this to enrich myself and will never be. My life was forever changed by the MLP and other small internet communities. I've sincerely want to help my people and it's my dream to make a living out of it. Our company will be for profit, meaning we'll be able to pool together funds, donate to charity and reinvest it in our community as need be. - Marc

Guild Artists The Far Future 🔮

Honestly, it's hard to know how well our financials will scale.

Since most of the media on our website does not sit behind a paywall, unpaid users will also incur a cost for us. In addition, we will need to pay for storage and retrieval costs of exponentially growing dataset as more artists add artwork to the site. We also need to pay 3rd parties for the security/other services we use which scale based off of the number of users.

If only 1 out of every 100 users paid the access fee, we'd be in good shape. However, if that number was much less, we might need to search for other avenues to reduce our costs and increase profits.

I promise to be transparent about the state of's financials to the greatest extent possible. I'll always be open about our plans and open to feedback from our community. - Marc


This presentation could not cover everything. There are other topics only covered in the "white paper" available in #documention in discord. Here are a few things that were missed: